How to wear cufflinks

Cufflinks – what they are, how to wear them and everything else you might need to know:

Cufflinks are a piece of jewelry designed to link your cuffs closed tightly around your wrists. They are meant to be used with french cuff shirts and are generally only worn for black tie events, or in a professional business setting. You can wear them whenever you wish, however, like going out for a nice dinner.

How do I put cufflinks on?

When it comes to how to put on cufflinks it’s actually very simple. It can be broken up into 3 steps which are the same for almost all cufflinks, just some minor variations separate them.


Make sure you are wearing the correct cuff shirt. French cuff shirts are the best for wearing cufflinks and as these are easiest to put cufflinks on when wearing. It’s a good idea to match your cufflinks to the color of your tie or tie clip (if you are wearing one). Otherwise, so long as it doesn’t contrast with your shirt you should be looking good.


Holding your arm straight, fold your cuffs back over themselves in a nice straight line. The cuffs of your shirt will be of a thicker material and split all the way up, allowing you to fold them. They should be folded exactly halfway so the cuff is even on all sides. To tell if they have folded back evenly, you can check to see if the cufflink holes line up. If they do, you’re good to go!


Lastly, you will need to put the cufflink through both holes, keeping the decorative top piece at the top of the folds. Otherwise, your cufflink will be facing the wrong way and you won’t be able to show them off! Once the cufflink is through the whole you can flip the center bar out 90 degrees to hold the cufflink in place. Repeat the on the other side with the second cufflink and you’re good to go. These are often referred to as locking closure cufflinks.

What if I have ball cufflinks?

If that’s the case, still follow steps one and two but putting in your cufflinks will be slightly different.

If you are using reversible cufflinks (two small pieces of jewelry, normally two tough string-like material balls held together by a bar) place one ball through one hole, then then the other. This will hold together the same as the other type of cufflink, but with the added benefit of having jewelry on both sides of the cuff. They are looser fitting and more comfortable for some people.

Alternatively, if using a chain cuff you should follow the same steps for the reversible links. Keep in mind though, your shirt cuffs will be held together much more loosely. This is best used in a casual setting rather than a business one, as they can look less formal. They too have decoration on both sides of the cuff which can be an added benefit.

Which cufflinks are best?

That’s really up to you, whatever your preference is is the best option. Keep in mind though that locking closure cufflinks are more professional, reversible is more comfortable and casual whilst chain cufflinks are most comfortable but least professional of all.

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