How To Grow Eyelashes

The eyelashes have a crucial role in our overall appearance. Look at yourself with regular lashes and then with neat and super-beautiful lashes. It looks completely different, right?

Long eyelashes, hydrated and well cared for, enhances the beauty and attractiveness of the eyes to the maximum, and it also gives an extraordinary aspect to the look. Unfortunately, not every one of us is lucky to have extra-long and abundant eyelashes, and, besides, we must bear in mind that they grow more slowly than hair.

Still, there are many beauty tricks that we can put into practice to have longer eyelashes in a completely natural way and dazzle with a much more beautiful look.

While it is not guaranteed that your eyelashes can grow longer than the body stipulates, few tips can help to overcome this barrier to grow eyelashes and be able to keep them always healthy.

Steps to follow:

1. In the same way that improper feeding influences hair growth; what you eat daily also has an immediate effect on eyelash growth. Some vitamins and minerals help eyelashes grow faster, stronger, and healthier. In addition to following a balanced diet. nutrients such as:

Antioxidants: berries, tomatoes, kiwi, avocado, wheat germ, olive oil, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables. Biotin or vitamin H: egg yolk, beer yeast bluefish, cauliflower, nuts, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, Omega 3: bluefish, vegetable oils, or linseed seeds, nuts, fish oil.

To have abundant and extra healthy eyelashes, one needs to ensure that your meals contain the above minerals and vitamins.

2. Do you make up your eyelashes daily or regularly? If you have this habit, it is essential that at the end of the day, remove your eyes and pay special attention to cleaning the eyelashes, since the accumulated mask remains can cause them to end up weakening and split.

You have to buy a specific eye makeup remover and apply it with cotton to discover the eyes to remove all the paint. In the case that you use a waterproof eyelash mask, you should choose a biphasic lotion. Which combines an aqueous base with an oily one and is the best option to remove resistant makeup completely.

Acquiring the habit of brushing the eyelashes daily will also favour their growth, and, in the long run, they will look thither and brighter. It is best to buy a specific brush for eyelashes that have been in the market for long. You will only have to start combing them from the roots to the ends when they are well cleaned, If you cannot have this brush, another option is to clean and use the brush of a mascara that has run out or that you no longer use.

Wash your face daily. Sleeping without taking off your makeup can be very tempting, especially after a busy day. However, the dirty face, in contact with the pillow, makes eyelash growth even more difficult. Washing your face every night will ensure that your face is not damaged by makeup debris.

4. Undoubtedly, the best trick to grow eyelashes is to nourish them in depth through products that hydrate and strengthen them, preventing premature deterioration and letting the eyelashes grow back. Among the most effective are olive oil and castor oil, both are ideal for stimulating the growth of eyelashes and keeping them well-conditioned.

You should pour a few drops of any of these oils on the eyelash brush or on a cotton pad to apply on them just before going to sleep so that it acts throughout the night. Do it every day, and you will see how in a short time, you notice the difference in the growth of the eyelashes.

5. In addition to these oils, there is a product that is a perfect natural lubricant to strengthen the eyelashes and accelerate their growth if used continuously. This is Vaseline, a lotion with many cosmetic uses that you can quickly get in supermarkets, perfumeries or pharmacies.

Apply a little petroleum jelly right at the base of the eyelashes every night and, the next day, rinse your eyes. In a few weeks, you will see how your eyelashes are much more hydrated, healthy, and beautiful.

The weakened eyelashes can find a great ally to prevent their fall in chamomile, as it helps to strengthen them and lengthen them naturally. In addition, it is a therapeutic plant with many benefits for eye health. To do the treatment, prepare an infusion of chamomile, strain the liquid and when it cools, apply a little on the upper and lower eyelashes with the help of a cotton pad.

7. Green tea. This tea helps to strengthen the eyelashes. Make some green tea and wait until it cools. Soak a piece of cotton in the tea and then rub over the eyelashes and leave for 15 minutes, then wash with cold water. Green tea helps in the growth of eyelashes, leaving them more flexible and healthier. Aloe Vera gel is also rich in nutrients that stimulate eyelash growth while moisturizing them.

8.It would help if you did not also forget that UV rays significantly weaken the eyelashes, so an excellent way to protect them from the sun is to apply a transparent mascara with moisturizing components before exposure, as well as wear sunglasses whenever possible.

A good old massage. That’s right, before using any of the above products, you could stimulate eyelash growth by simply massaging your eyelids for five to ten minutes. This improves circulation in the eye area and ensures that nutrients are correctly spread.

In conclusion

If you care about your appearance, you should consider letting your eyelashes grow well by taking good of them. Wearing makeup often can dry out the skin, making hair growth difficult.

No problem with taking time off! Try to do without makeup at least twice a week, and you will notice that your eyelashes will become stronger and less likely to fall out. Be sure also to see the validity of the makeup products you use.

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