Henna tattoo designs and how long they last

What are Henna tattoos?

Henna tattoos are popular temporary tattoos made from dried up leaf paste. These tattoos are typically green, though if your tattoo artist is using a cheap alternative they may be black instead. Traditionally when the henna dries it will turn a nice orange shade, unless a cheaper alternative was used which would remain more black.

The whole process is almost completely painless and only takes as long as the artist needs to create the pattern. Once the paste has dried on your skin it can be rubbed off to reveal the orange henna tattoo underneath. It should take a couple of hours at least for the paste to mark your skin properly if your “tattoo artist” tells you it will only take an hour, or perhaps even less, they are giving you a cheap and fake henna tattoo. If you want to improve your odds of the tattoo working, its best to scrub your arm as best you can to keep it clear of any natural oils.

What are the most common henna tattoo designs?

The most traditional types of henna tattoo vary from region to region, but some designs are popular throughout the world and for good reason. For example, flowers and geometric patterns.


Flowers are probably the most popular henna designs, they vary in type and size of flower greatly but beautiful branching out flowers is probably the most common. All henna tattoos should be orange so there is very little color variation, instead, people express themselves by having intricate floral arrangments. Flowers are the most common on hands and feet.

Vines and leaves:

Vines and leaves are also popular choices, having the vines crawl up your arm and spread themselves to other parts of the body is a great way of linking up with your floral tattoos on your hands. If you are only going to get some small Henna tattoos, having vines growing around one of your fingers is a subtle yet popular choice.

Geometric patterns:

Geometric, psychedelic, patterns are a great choice for people looking to express themselves. If the idea of a flower or vines doesn’t appeal to you, having weird and wonderful geometric patterns that sprawl across your chest, up and down your arms and legs and across your back might.

Express yourself:

Henna tattoos are meant to be a form of self-expression, giving your tattoo your personal touch can make it stand out. Just like normal tattoos, henna tattoos can be whatever you want really. With the added benefit of them only being temporary, you can try out some tattoos for a while to decide if maybe you’d like a more permanent version after the henna has faded away.

How long do henna tattoos last?

The answer to how long do henna tattoos last depends largely on who did them. If you had proper ones done ( green paste, turning orange) they could last for as long as a month if you are careful with them. If you end up getting a cheaper, fake tattoo (black paste staying black) they could last as little as a week, maybe two. Again, it depends how careful you are with them and take care not to over wash them or rub them too much

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