Hairstyles Haircut For Men With A Receding Hairline

Congratulations and welcome to the club, now that you have decided to accept your hair loss why not revel in it? So the question is, how can you style your hair now that you will have less of it. Here are some suggestions from the experts: your local barbers, and hairstylists.

The unbreakable rule. KEEP YOUR HAIR SHORT. Every barber we spoke to says that the less hair you have, the less obvious your balding will be. Trying to hold onto your old hairstyle is only going to accentuate the issue. I know you do see the occasional guy with a vast curly fro and a bald spot on the crown of their head but trust the experts. it just doesn’t work. 

Once you stick to this rule, there are many hairstyles you can wear with confidence.

Just shave it

The complete clean-shaven look is a perfect solution for men who have more significant bald spots that encompass a large portion of their head. This look offers a host of benefits. The first is that it is low or no maintenance. You will never have to worry about a hairstyle ever again. You will never have to buy a shampoo ever again as the shower gel or soap you use on the rest of your body will suffice. More importantly, it makes a statement; it is a show of confidence and strength; you don’t care about losing your hair. They say first impressions last this is true of the clean-shaven look. People rarely, if ever, forget people with a clean-shaven look. Jesse Ventura. Patrick Stewart and Seth Godin are just three that spring to mind.

The Buzzcut

If the clean-shaven look might be a step too far, to begin with, why not try the bun cut on for size. If you want something sleek and simple, this is the choice for you. The bun cut is especially useful for men. You are starting to thin near the hairline or on the crown of the head.

The Caner Cut, 

Inspired by you know who and made famous more recently by George Clooney, this is a stylish cut to conceal a thinning top or receding hairline. Your stylist will cut your bangs into a horizontal fringe and then styled in a forward fashion.

The Shaggy layered look. 

This is favoured by younger men who are just coming to terms with their receding hairline, but they aren’t quite ready to go short. This look is achieved by cutting your hair in uneven layers giving an overall dishevelled appearance, thus distracting from any thinning that may be evident.

Going, Roger Sterling. 

The popularity of Mad Men has led to a resurgence in this style. Suitable for men with a receding hairline but still have some hair on top. It is achieved by cutting the sides tight and the top short but leaving enough to comb a part to one side of the head.

Do try growing some facial hair, this distracts from any hair that might be missing on top

Do not attempt a comb-over, and it is a vain attempt that everyone will see-through.

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