Eyelash Extensions

Beyond makeup and hair, it has become trendy for folks especially celebrities to enhance their natural appearance with eyelash extensions. Nowadays it can be difficult to figure out the right one you want as there are various types available. To ease the hassle, let’s take a look at various types of eyelash extensions.

Mink lash extensions

These come from tail fur of Chinese minks and Siberian minks — Siberian minks have great premium fur thus the most desirable. Mink might be the best option if you are new to eyelash extensions as it enhances a natural look. Mink is both lightweight and fluffy but a bit expensive. For folks with animal fur allergy or sensitivity should cease using mink eyelashes. Likewise, those having ethical matters about mink’s treatment or using fur should be against it.

Sable eyelash extensions

These come from sable fur (a forest animal in Siberia and Russia regions) and are similar to mink eyelashes. The only difference is they are thinnest extensions and are great for individuals with natural thin eyelashes who can’t use thither choices. They are lightweight as well and offer a very natural “wispy appearance.

Silk eyelash extensions 

Silk extensions are best for allergic or sensitive folks to certain furs. They are a happy medium between synthetic and minks when it comes to thickness and natural look of eyelashes. They leave a fuller lash line look due to their tendency of being thicker at the bottom and moderately becoming thinner towards their ends.

Silk eyelash extensions are darker, glossier, fuller and very bold, which gives a natural and glamorous look. Even though they tend to be cheaper than real furs (sables and minks), they require less maintenance. Fox lash extensions Fox fur lash extensions are soft reddish tone. They are also present in black tips and dyed in ombre style. They are on-trend as we speak! Even though animal fur eyelash extensions are natural-looking and lightweight, they have to be permed to be curly.

Faux-Fox and Faux-Mink lash extensions 

Yes, you can get a fox or mink look without a hefty cost tag. Extension producers have become more innovative and are making feather-weight, fluttery eyelash extensions that will not compromise the ‘real thing” look. These great and high-quality man-made lashes are available in varying volumes and lengths as well as comfy to wear because they are animal-friendly as well.

Synthetic eyelash extensions 

With no doubt, synthetic lashes are the most dramatic kind for a bold and glamorous look. Just like their name suggests, synthetic lashes aren’t made of any type of real fur meaning that you can find them at a cheap cost. They have a sheen in place of soft luster found in animal or human fur lashes. Although they are the heaviest and least natural looking eyelashes, they are perfect for special occasions and events where someone wants to impress.

Final thoughts 

It comes down to one real fact, the type of eyelash extensions you see best can you afford it? Be sure to choose the right quality that fits your budget. Remember that every eyelash extensions requires regular care and maintenance!

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