Congratulations and welcome to the club, now that you have decided to accept your hair loss why not revel in it? So the question is, how can you style your hair now that you will have less of it. Here are some suggestions from the experts: your local barbers, and hairstylists.

What are Henna tattoos?

Henna tattoos are popular temporary tattoos made from dried up leaf paste. These tattoos are typically green, though if your tattoo artist is using a cheap alternative they may be black instead. 

What are the most common henna tattoo designs?

The whole process is almost completely painless and only takes as long as the artist needs to create the pattern. Once the paste has dried on your skin it can be rubbed off to reveal the orange henna tattoo underneath. 

Eyelash Extensions

Beyond makeup and hair, it has become trendy for folks especially celebrities to enhance their natural appearance with eyelash extensions. Nowadays it can be difficult to figure out the right one you want as there are various types available. To ease the hassle, let’s take a look at various types of eyelash extensions.

The eyelashes have a crucial role in our overall appearance. Look at yourself with regular lashes and then with neat and super-beautiful lashes. It looks completely different, right?

Long eyelashes, hydrated and well cared for, enhances the beauty and attractiveness of the eyes to the maximum, and it also gives an extraordinary aspect to the look. Unfortunately, not every one of us is lucky to have extra-long and abundant eyelashes, and, besides, we must bear in mind that they grow more slowly than hair.


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